Hello and welcome to my web site!

I have a wide array of interests ranging from ballroom dance to fossil hunting and everything in between. As luck would have it I’ve been fortunate enough to make these things not only my hobbies, but my living and career.

Because of the scope of my interests, as well as the popularity of my book, I’ve decided to put together a web site, centralizing all my various activities, ventures and escapades. If you’re interested in ordering my book, taking dance classes, taking on online investment class, having you and the kids go on a fossil hunt (Twin Cities area only), or just want to read up on or engage in some conservative/libertarian, free-market, pro-American philosophy, feel free to explore and click away.

Also feel free to contact me with any questions or just to say hello! I always enjoy hearing from old students, new students, fans of the blog, book or radio show!

Aaron Clarey